Milkman Low-fat Milk – Instant Dry Milk Powder (72 Pack)


Milkman Low-fat Milk – Instant Dry Milk Powder (72 Pack)


72 pouches of the one and only Milkman instant milk, the best tasting low-fat powdered milk product available.


  • DELICIOUS TASTE – Unlike nonfat options, this powdered milk contains real cream and tastes just like fresh milk! Milkman Low-Fat Milk is fortified with nutritious vitamins and minerals making it an excellent instant beverage for kids & adults.
  • EASY MIXING – Our creamy low fat powdered milk mixes in quickly and easily with no clumping for a sweet and smooth milk taste. It is great for camping, hiking, baking, boating, everyday drinking and any recipe that calls for milk.
  • 2-YEAR SHELF LIFE – Our unique low-fat milk powder in 1-quart packet packaging allows for a longer shelf life compared to a larger bag or canister. Each packet is good for 2 years and makes exactly 1 quart when mixed.
  • CONVENIENT SIZE – Each dried milk package is a convenient 3.44 ounce (97g) packet that makes one quart of milk. Individual dehydrated milk packets are portable, require no measuring, and store better compared to a heavy can or box packaging.

Ingredients: nonfat milk, cream, lactose, soy lecithin, vitamin A palmitate and vitamin D3, tocopherols (a natural source of vitamin E to protect flavors). Allergen information: milk, soy.

Mixing Instructions: JUST ADD WATER. Pour the contents into a 1 quart container; add 1/2 quart of water, stirring constantly with a fork or spoon; add water until the 1 quart level then chill and serve.


  1. Cathy Shinkoskey

    Forty years ago I lived in Japan and the faux. Milk there was awful!! My mother would send me milkman – rescued. – a milk connoisseur. Still good . I am poor and mix in water so I get one and a half quarts – still a wonderful taste !!!

  2. John DunnJr

    Seems like a good milk you can drink I want to enjoy that

  3. John DunnJr

    It seems like as good milk I would like to try some of that

  4. Janna Wood (verified owner)

    Love this product! I use it as a healthy coffee creamer!

  5. Michael Duncan

    I was introduced to milkman in late 50’s in Tampa , Fla and moving to Bloomington, Ca in early 60’s by my mother saving on milk consumption with 3 boys drinking it like water, instead of water..
    My Mother continued to purchase Milkman in Calif.
    I’m a hugh fan of Milkman product and have been searching for someone smart enough and with a
    A flavor buds to recognize success..
    To Whom it may concern in charge of sales, please contact me when available and one more question;
    Do y’all offer a military discount or monthly debit payment
    Thank you

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