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When was the last time you lifted a quart of milk with your pinky? Or carried 6 gallons of it in your backpack without breaking a sweat? With a shelf life of 2+ years and the legendary “Kiss of Cream” taste, there’s never an excuse for running out of milk. Stock up your pantry and be ready for anything life throws your way: camping, hiking, cooking, or just enjoying an ice-cold glass at home. Milkman delivers the goodness of real milk. Anywhere.


  • Cream-containing, low-fat dry milk powder with natural, real-milk taste
  • Disperses easily and completely; no clumping
  • Convenient, 1-quart pouches for portability
  • A perfect ingredient for any recipe that calls for milk
Glass of milk
  • One pack yields a quart of milk
  • Made from USA grass-fed, hormone-free cows
  • Minimum 2-year shelf-life
  • Just Add water
  • Use less water for fuller-fat flavor and consistency

Milkman Low-fat Milk – Dry Milk Powder

Milkman Low-Fat Milk is a dry milk powder with a “kiss of cream” for a remarkable, rich and natural taste. Milkman comes in convenient and portable 1-quart packages and easily dissolves in hot or cold water/beverages. Made in the USA for nearly 70 years, Milkman is the perfect ingredient for any recipe that calls for milk — great for camping, trekking, baking and household needs.

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Real Milk

2 Year Shelf Life

Fortified with Vitamins and Minerals

Mixes Easily with No Clumping

Just Add Water


Unlike nonfat powdered milk options, Milkman contains real cream and tastes just like fresh milk! Milkman Low-Fat Milk is fortified with nutritious vitamins and minerals making it an excellent instant beverage.


Our creamy, low fat powdered milk mixes in quickly and easily with no clumping for a sweet and smooth milk taste. It is great for camping, hiking, baking, boating, everyday drinking and any recipe that calls for milk.


Our one-of-a-kind low-fat milk powder in 1-quart packet packaging allows for a longer shelf life compared to larger bag or canister packaging. Each packet is good for 2 years and makes exactly 1 quart when mixed.


Each dried milk packet conveniently mixes to make one quart of milk. Individual dehydrated milk packets are portable, require no measuring, and store better compared to a heavy can or box packaging.


Concentrated nonfat milk, cream, lactose, sunflower lecithin, Vitamin A palmitate and Vitamin D3, Tocopherols (a natural source of Vitamin E to protect flavor).


  1. Scott

    This is the best powdered milk out there and I’ve tried most of them. I carry a number of packets in my RV always. I used to pick it up at Safeway but now they dont seem to carry it anymore so I’ll be buying it online I guess. I wish it was available more widely in retail stores like Walmart, etc. so it would be easier to get while on the road.

  2. Judith

    Just tried it. I love it! Delicious. Especially if you put it in the fridge for a bit and let it become really cold. Then shake it. I made it in a jar, and measured the water. I did add just a little bit more than 8 ounces and it was still delicious. I recommend this highly. I have always been a Milkman fan, and now am a fan of the chocolate milk too.

  3. Elizabeth Olsen

    The best dry milk product I have ever tasted.

  4. Cathy Shinkoskey

    Forty years ago I lived in Japan and the faux. Milk there was awful!! My mother would send me milkman – rescued. – a milk connoisseur. Still good . I am poor and mix in water so I get one and a half quarts – still a wonderful taste !!!

  5. John DunnJr

    Seems like a good milk you can drink I want to enjoy that

  6. Janna Wood (verified owner)

    Love this product! I use it as a healthy coffee creamer!

  7. Michael Duncan

    I was introduced to milkman in late 50’s in Tampa , Fla and moving to Bloomington, Ca in early 60’s by my mother saving on milk consumption with 3 boys drinking it like water, instead of water..
    My Mother continued to purchase Milkman in Calif.
    I’m a hugh fan of Milkman product and have been searching for someone smart enough and with a
    A flavor buds to recognize success..
    To Whom it may concern in charge of sales, please contact me when available and one more question;
    Do y’all offer a military discount or monthly debit payment
    Thank you

  8. Matt The Milkman

    Hi guys – we have hundreds of reviews from our devoted fans. In the rush to launch our new site, our crack marketing team forgot to post them!! Stay tuned – they’ll be up shortly! (along with our job post for a new marketing team! ) Enjoy! :-}

  9. Bobbi Jo Woods

    Great product, I have recommended it to others!

  10. Andrea (6 years old)

    This is my favorite chocolate milk in the world. It is creamy and delicious.

  11. Suzanne

    Used to take this when we were camping and now I keep it on hand for when we run out of carton milk. It’s definitely got other powdered milks beat!!! Haven’t tried the chocolate but will be soon!


    Please fill my order. I like your milk. Carol Clark


    Like your milk.

  14. Teresa Zitta Menear

    We are ALWAYS buying, and running out of milk. Since discovering milkmanmilk, i dont run out anymore!

  15. Kathleen S. McDowell

    I have used Milkman packets for years and will no use any other. Mixes well and compares well with ready mixed non-fat milk.

  16. GL Smith,

    We raised 7 kids on Milk Man The only product we used was besides raw milk now and then. When the kids were small we tried many different brands. No comparison. We use to buy in a box.
    Thank you Amazon for carrying the milk. So glad we can still get it for just the 2 of us.

  17. Rachel Silverman Darlow (verified owner)

    I’m so sad! Compared to six months ago, the price of the 100-pack chocolate milk increased by 61%. Today, I must purchase (I usually purchase 5-6 months worth of milk at a time), but, going forward, I will have to look for a different way to get milk.

  18. Rachel Silverman Darlow (verified owner)

    I’m so sad! Compared to six months ago, the price of the 72-pack low-fat milk increased by 38%. Today, I must purchase (I usually purchase 5-6 months worth of milk at a time), but, going forward, I will have to look for a different way to get milk.

  19. Larry

    So Sad, it used to be good, but now is is clumpy and crappy. Let’s face it, it is the same old disgusting powdered milk from before.

  20. Jennifer Reese

    I love keeping the low fat milk on hand for cooking, baking, and emergencies like when we run out of milk or can’t get to the store. I put a scoop into my protein shakes to make them creamy. I buy the chocolate milk to pack in my luggage so that my husband can have chocolate milk for breakfast everyday. I just mix it up in a water bottle the night before and store it in our mini fridge in our hotel room or if there isn’t a mini fridge I’ll plunk it into the ice bucket filled with ice. It’s convenient and delicious. I wish the chocolate milk had quart sized packets like the regular milk does though.

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