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Milkman Chocolate Milk With 18g Protein, 13-Count (Baker’s Dozen)


18 packages of the one and only Milkman instant dry milk, the best tasting low-fat powdered milk product available.

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Milkman nutritiously delicious Chocolate Milk With Protein On-the-Go

  • No Refrigeration needed
  • Real Milk
  • Real Chocolate
  • Really Convenient
  • Chocolate milk with 18g PROTEIN per serving
  • Creamy and delicious
  • Best tasting Chocolate milk with the “Kiss of Cream”
  • Two year shelf-life
  • Easy preparation (shake with 8 oz cold water and enjoy)
  • Made in USA

Milkman Chocolate Milk With Protein already includes milk—Just add cold water.

Pour Chocolate Milk With Protein pouch contents into empty sports bottle, fill empty pouch with cold water to fill line (about 8 oz.), pour water into bottle, cover and shake until fully combined.

Also makes a great protein-fortified hot cocoa!

Ingredients: milk and milk protein, pure cane sugar, natural cocoa, vanilla, sunflower lecithin, salt, vitamins A, D, & E.

Allergen information: milk.


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    Just tried it. I love it! Delicious. Especially if you put it in the fridge for a bit and let it become really cold. Then shake it. I made it in a jar, and measured the water. I did add just a little bit more than 8 ounces and it was still delicious. I recommend this highly. I have always been a Milkman fan, and now am a fan of the chocolate milk too.

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