Milkman Instant Low Fat Milk

Milk for Camping

Milkman LLC

Milkman Milk Camping Tip #1 : Best Powdered Milk Ever

We all love our milk, and having access to great-tasting cold glass of milk while on our camping adventures has been a challenge. Milkman is easy to use without the hassles of worrying about refrigeration or spoilage.

The “kiss of cream” that Milkman has makes it unmatched in flavor and creaminess over any other instant milk on the planet. 

Milkman milk contains 5 percent milk fat before adding water, which reduces it to 1/2 percent milk fat once mixed. That’s halfway between skim and 1 percent! The key to its palatable flavor is the addition of a “kiss of cream.”

The 3.44-ounce packets of mix are the perfect size to be mixed with one quart of water. As per instructions, it is recommended that the milk be served chilled for the best taste. I found that the mix also tastes great right after it has been made fresh with cold water.

Milkman delivers a great-tasting dairy beverage right to the door of your tent — ready to add that special touch to food only the way good-tasting milk can!

Milkman Milk Camping Tip #2 : How do I take my coffee or tea? Cream please.

Adding cream to tea or coffee has been done for over two hundred years of use. Tired of all the non-dairy creamers that are not as clean and rich in milk flavor? Milkman milk is a great way to add to your cup of coffee or tea for the best tasting dairy creamer. 

Just add Milkman into your coffee or tea and enjoy the wonderful creaminess.  If you want a light dairy milk flavor, add a teaspoon to a 6 oz cup. If you prefer a bit of coffee with your cream then use heaping tablespoon to your 6 oz cup.

To make a flavored creamer to take camping, check out this recipe that you can make at home ahead of your camping trip.