Milkman Instant Low Fat Milk

Holy Cow, the Milkman is Back!

Milkman is Back

The Milkman delivers once again, with the return of its classic favorite, Milkman Instant Low Fat Powdered Milk.

Marron Foods President, Matthew Pearson is proud to announce that Milkman Instant Low-Fat Powdered Milk is, once again, available for consumer purchase. The brand known for its “kiss of cream” is back and ready for consumers to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Milkman Instant Low-Fat Powdered Milk is the only cream-containing instant low fat powdered milk available online to consumers in the United States. Long considered the best-tasting powdered milk product available, Milkman has a delicious natural milk taste despite its low fat content.

Milkman has been delivering real milk flavor in a powdered form for over 60 years. When an earthquake damaged the Milkman West Coast manufacturing facility, production of the beloved powdered milk favorite was interrupted. A flood of emails, calls, and letters from loyal Milkman consumers to Marron Foods President, Matthew Pearson persuaded him to bring back the original, sought-after Milkman product for consumers to enjoy. He acquired the brand and is now producing the popular Milkman in Durand, Wisconsin.

As John Owen of Mill Valley, California, wrote: “My main interest in Milkman has been for mountaineering, backpacking and emergency food use. It compares very well to fresh milk, and I anticipate using it at home. It is certainly light years ahead of any other powdered milk I have ever tasted…”

Vicki Ordean of Norwood, Colorado, wrote: “I used to use Milkman in our homemade protein bars as well as in soups, gravies, sauces, etc. It’s also really great added to powdered cocoa mixes as well as in coffee or tea rather than that yucky powdered ‘creamer’ stuff which is nothing more than chemicals. I really missed Milkman in recent years.”

Another pleased, long time customer wrote:
“I used to be a touring musician, and would bring a packet of Milkman with me on the road for all my coffee/tea needs. The years during which Milkman was gone from the world were grievous years! What a delight to find it’s back on the market. This stuff is DELICIOUS. I’m also tickled that they didn’t feel they had to change the packaging. It’s like seeing an old friend again. Thank you, Marron Foods.”

Besides its exceptional taste, the portability of Milkman’s one-quart packages is a huge hit with consumers. When people want to enjoy the flavor of real milk, but don’t have access to refrigerated milk, Milkman Instant Low-Fat Powdered Milk provides a nutritious, great-tasting, satisfying alternative. Boaters, campers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts are crazy about the convenience of being able to enjoy real-milk flavor while on-the-go. With Milkman on the shelf, consumers with second homes no longer need to run to the store when they arrive for the weekend!

Milkman packets are also a favorite for consumers who live in rural areas and for nursing home residents, college students, and parents of young children. Coffee lovers and health enthusiasts enjoy Milkman as a low-fat, nutritious, protein-packed drink with a rich, natural flavor. At-home bakers appreciate that Milkman blends smoothly and completely, making it a key ingredient in recipes that call for milk.

No more checking expiration dates, and worrying about your budget at the Supermarket. Milkman Instant Low-Fat Powdered Milk is priced competitively, has a long shelf life, and continues to be known as the best tasting powdered milk product available in the United States. Even the familiar orange packaging remains the same.

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