Milkman Instant Low Fat Milk

Buying an Emergency Food Supply

Preparing milk

Milkman Milk is perfect for your emergency pantry stocks!

The first step of building your supply of emergency food starts with storage of well known brands of goods that can withstand long-term storage.

This existing food reserve should not include food in your refrigerator or freezer because in the event of a power failure, you cannot count on those items remaining edible for more than a day (fridge) or three (freezer), at most.

Start building your emergency food supply pantry with a small cushion of food

This should be enough to last three weeks or a month — simply by adding commercially available dried or canned foods to your pantry. As you use the inventory in the pantry rotate the stocks as you use them. The standard recommendation by survivalists or preppers is for a minimum of stock that would last a month.

10 Pantry essentials


Milkman’s Lowfat Instant Milk in original or Milkman Chocolate With 18g Protein are perfect to stock in your emergency food supply pantry.

Milkman makes the best tasting lowfat instant milk available and you don’t need to worry about refrigeration or spoilage. That’s why Milkman Milk is perfect for the whole family to drink with a meal, a great coffee creamer, your favorite smoothie recipe, or even ideal for baking and cooking.

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8 Replies to “Buying an Emergency Food Supply”

  1. Don Billings says:

    Although not usually mentioned as pantry stock, WATER is needed for Milkman as well as pasta, coffee, etc.

    If Corona sickens & disables key city water company staff, even tap water could be disrupted. 2 weeks minimum of water should always be listed.

    1. dannydan says:

      I concur Mr. Billings. Water is always first then it trickles(pun intended) down to other necessities for “survival”… People might want to brush up on how to clean dirty/contaminated water sources also… However rest assured, I do keep a decent amount of M3 product on hand but mainly bc of my daily use of this most fantastic product!! THANK YOU MarronFoods!

  2. karin Hiller says:

    I’m wondering…..what is the shelf life of Milkman? I have a big box which is about a year or two old. Is it still good??

  3. Liz says:

    Feel a lot better with a case of Milkman in my pantry. My two year old goes through a gallon of milk a week! Thanks for the fast shipping!

  4. carol says:

    I remenber using Milkman when i lived in Adak, Alaska in 1968ish. Only milk we could get. Glad its still around.
    Thank you
    Carol Schneider ????

    1. Jim Armstrong says:

      Hi, Carol
      I taught school at Adak from 1970-1973 Remember the frozen milk they flew in once a week? Milkman is so much better.

  5. Paula L Jackson says:

    Can I buy the powdered milk?

  6. Karen Doster says:

    What country is the source of the milk?

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