Milk for Camping

Milkman LLC

Milkman Milk Camping Tip #1 : Best Powdered Milk Ever We all love our milk, and having access to great-tasting cold glass of milk while on our camping adventures has been a challenge. Milkman is easy to use without the hassles of worrying about refrigeration or spoilage. The “kiss of cream” that Milkman has makes […]

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What The Heck is a Baker’s Dozen?

What does a baker's dozen mean

You may be familiar with the phrase, “a baker’s dozen.” But what does it really mean, and where did it come from? Milkman Offering a Bakers Dozen – Shop now The origin of a baker’s dozen (13 count) comes from the medieval English bakers who were selling underweight breads (of all things!) Contrary to popular […]

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