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Camping 101

I love milk! In all my years of backcountry camping, it has been a cold glass of milk that I’ve craved throughout the adventure.

So it has always been a nearly insurmountable challenge to get me to even insult my taste buds with a sip of moo juice in powder form.

Well, I’m here to confess, just like Sleeping Beauty, I’ve been awakened by a kiss – a kiss of cream! Marron Food’s “Low Fat Milkman with the kiss of cream… .” has won this milk junkie over. It’s everything all other dry milk products aren’t and more!

While most powered milk mixes are pretty evenly matched when it comes to nutritional make-up: Vitamin A, C, D, Calcium, and punch it up with 8- to 9 grams of protein, etc., They fail miserably in the taste test. Tasting as much like real milk as Tang tastes like orange juice, they are most often resigned to be used for a backwoods milk substitute when cooking or when thickened with enough hot chocolate mix to bury that other taste.

I would always bring some instant coffee creamer, which along with a little extra portion of milk powder to expand the ratio of mix to water, helped with the illusion that it was, indeed “milk.” Milkman® with its kiss of cream has made cooking with – and drinking – milk part of the outdoor meal experience again.

Milkman® contains 5 percent milk fat before adding water, which reduces it to 1/2 percent milk fat once mixed. That’s halfway between skim and 1 percent! The key to its palatable flavor is the addition of a “kiss of cream.” After the whole milk has been separated out into milk and cream, a bit of the cream is added back for a spike of flavor in the dry mix.

The 3.44-ounce packets of mix are proportioned to be mixed with one quart of water. As per instructions, it is recommended that the milk then be served chilled for the best taste of casino online. I found that the mix is pleasantly good tasting right after it has been made, but as in the past, powdered milk always seems tastier after it’s had a chance to “mature” in the pitcher. There is a bit of soy taste to this particular formula, but the addition of cream and the quality of the powder all combine to make a flavorful milk drink that works well in cooking, too.

Milkman®, with its kiss of cream, delivers a good-tasting dairy beverage right to the door of your tent — ready to add that special touch to food only the way good-tasting milk can!

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