Milkman Instant Low Fat Milk

About Milkman

The Original Milkman Powdered Milk is Back

Thank you, Milkman loyalists. Milkman Low Fat Milk’s “Kiss of Cream” is available again and ready for you to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

We’ve been overwhelmed by the requests—from weekend warrior car campers to true outdoorsmen, at-home bakers and health enthusiasts—asking where they can find Milkman and enjoy the unmistakably fresh taste of the only cream-containing powdered milk easily available in the US.

We’re happy to tell you that Milkman is back. Right here—and just like you’ve asked—we haven’t changed a thing. We guarantee that Milkman Milk:


  • Continues to be the one and only best tasting low-fat powdered milk product available.
  • Disperses completely—no clumping when completely stirred and can be consumed instantly.
  • Comes in convenient and portable long shelf-life 1-quart packages.
  • Is a perfect ingredient for any recipe that calls for milk.

Milkman Milk is a favorite low fat powdered milk for anyone who wants to enjoy milk but needs something more convenient than a liquid milk resource.

From backpackers to boaters and people who live in areas where it is difficult to make regular supermarket visits, Milkman has been delivering real-milk flavor with the convenience of powder for over 60 years. Long considered the best-tasting low-fat dry milk product available, Milkman’s “Kiss of Cream” gives it a remarkable natural flavor, while remaining low fat.

Milkman is a product of Marron Foods.

Milkman has been delivering real milk flavor in a powdered form for over 60 years. Historically, it was a household staple up and down the West Coast including Alaska and Hawaii. When an earthquake damaged the California manufacturing facility, production of the beloved powdered milk slowly came to a halt, and they eventually closed their operation in 2008.

In 2010, ownership was transferred to Marron Foods and production began anew in their Wisconsin Factory. Thanks to overwhelming support from Milkman’s loyal following and new customers alike, we have successfully re-launched Milkman nationwide.

Based in Harrison, New York, Marron Foods is a food manufacturing company that focuses on processing, performance and nutrition issues. What began in 1976 as a niche company for troubleshooting manufacturing and production issues has since become a leading producer of customized food and foodservice ingredients including instant proteins, milks, dextrins, starches, stabilizers, and custom-formulated food products. For more about Marron Foods, visit