Milkman Instant Low Fat Dry Milk

About Milkman

About Milkman® Milk Powder

Milkman Instant Milk has been a favorite low-fat powdered milk source for anyone who wants to enjoy milk, but needs something more convenient than a liquid milk resource.

From campers and boaters to hikers and people who live in areas where it is difficult to make regular dairy or supermarket visits, Milkman has been delivering real-milk flavor with the convenience of powder for over 60 years.

Long considered the best-tasting low-fat powdered milk product available, Milkman’s “kiss of crème” gives it a remarkable natural flavor, while remaining low fat.

Milkman is a product of Marron Foods.

Milkman worked great in my home-made oatmeal last weekend. It put a nice “finish” on it – just a hint of creamy taste with the instant oats, cherries, pecans, vanilla, and cinnamon.


Cincinnati, OH

About Marron Foods

Food inventions that practically sell themselves.

From instantized ingredients and custom flavorings to processing innovations that improve product quality and manufacturing efficiency, Marron Foods drives critical new thinking in the food manufacturing business that put our customers’ products at top of the line.

Better ingredients mean better products.

Our ingredients are formulated, processed and instantized in ways that not only improve product quality. They also save time, reduce operating costs and respond to changes in consumer preferences.

And everyone at Marron – from R&D scientists to line workers – contributes to our processes and service innovation. The result is unparalleled ingredients and finished products that rise to the tops of their categories.

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